LeBron Shut Down Rumors He Toured Philly High Schools Over The All-Star Break

03.01.18 1 year ago

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LeBron James’ status as a soon-to-be free agent has led to a full year of NBA fans trying to read into every move The King makes to see if they can find evidence of what his decision will be this July.

There are, at this point, four teams most consider to be legitimate contenders for James, although there’s always the possibility that number is higher or lower. The Cavs, obviously, are in the running to retain their hometown hero, while the Lakers will be trying everything in their powers to lure him to L.A. Houston would need to clear a lot of cap space and get Chris Paul to take a discounted deal, but James’ friendship with Paul and their status as the current top contender in the NBA to Golden State makes them a possibility if the money can get figured out.

And then there’s Philadelphia, a team that will certainly have the money to make a run at LeBron and with their young core showing real signs of promise they have an interesting case to make in a meeting with James that they provide the best on court path to a title. James’ relationship with Ben Simmons is well-known, and Simmons has even dropped not-so-subtle hints on Instagram that he’ll be recruiting his Klutch Sports compatriot come July 1. Philly fans followed that up by putting up billboards in Cleveland calling for LeBron to “complete the process,” which James called “flattering.”

All of that is well and good, but NBA fans aren’t satiated by simply discussing rumors, they have to dig deeper for more clues into James’ thinking. James is a family man and for the second time this year rumors of LeBron and his wife Savannah touring private schools became NBA free agency news. The first time was in L.A., when James was definitely at a school although his intentions beyond a workout were unclear.

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