The Cavs May Ask The NBA To Look Into Elbows Thrown At LeBron James

With the Cleveland Cavaliers up 2-0 in their first-round matchup against the Detroit Pistons, it’s possible things could turn ugly if the series continues in this direction.

It started with Detroit’s Stanley Johnson making the decision to trash talk LeBron James through the media and escalated during Game 2 when Andre Drummond and Marcus Morris delivered elbows to James with the game out of hand in the fourth quarter.

Not surprisingly, this did not sit well with James.

It also did not sit well with the Cavaliers, who are considering sending that video to the league for a review, according to Cleveland.com:

“There hasn’t been one dirty play in the series,” James said. “For me, I’m the last person to ever allow physical play go to the other side. I know how much I mean to my team and I understand what this is all about and I will make sure our guys understand that we’re here to play basketball. Everything else is irrelevant.

“We want to play physical, we want to get up into those guys, make it tough on them, but, like I said, the game is played between the four lines and the video here, video there, it means absolutely nothing. I took a shot. It’s OK, I’m still standing tall. I’ll be ready on Friday.”

The Cavs don’t want a repeat of last year, when they had a 3-0 lead in the first round against the Celtics when Kevin Love had his shoulder dislocated in a physical series that got out of hand.

(Via Cleveland.com)