LeBron James Called The Blake Griffin Trade ‘Unfortunate’

01.30.18 1 year ago 2 Comments

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LeBron James knows perception in the NBA is everything, even if you actually know better. After all, fans are usually rooting for teams over players, especially when players can come and go in an era of free agency.

That doesn’t make it right, though, and when asked to react to Los Angeles unceremoniously shipping Blake Griffin to Detroit on Monday, James used it as an opportunity to comment on the hypocrisy of fans critical of player mobility yet supportive of teams shipping those players off without any warning.

James was asked by the media in Cleveland on Tuesday about the deal. And though he was napping when it all went down, he certainly recognized what a shock it was to send a player locked up long-term away from the only city he’s ever played in.

“He spent his last nine years there. He signed a multi-year deal there,” James said. “It’s unfortunate, but it’s the business. It’s both sides; it works [for] both sides, though.”

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