Report: LeBron James Will Make A Run At Kyrie Irving, Who May Be ‘Considering’ The Lakers

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The Los Angeles Lakers need to make a splash this summer, while Kyrie Irving might be the most fascinating free agent in the league once July 1 rolls around. According to a new report by Brian Windhorst of ESPN, there’s a small chance that a marriage between the two could be in the cards.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN appeared on Stephen A. Smith’s radio show on Thursday and, at one point, the conversation shifted to the ultra-talented point guard for the Boston Celtics. While making it a point to say that it is “unlikely,” Windhorst revealed that the possibility exists for Irving to head out west.

“Six months ago, I would have told you the concept of Kyrie to the Lakers would have gotten me to hang up the phone on you,” Windhorst said. “Now from what I understand, the door is at least open. I wouldn’t say he’s stomping through it, I wouldn’t say that it’s likely, I wouldn’t say that that’s gonna be a thing we’re gonna see. I still think New York and Brooklyn are higher on his list. But I think Kyrie is considering the Lakers, and he’s had some conversations with some people.”

This, of course, would be a huge deal because it would lead to the reuniting of Irving and his former teammate with Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James. The two had a less-than-ideal relationship during the end of their tenure in northeast Ohio, but everything seems to have been smoothed over between the two ever since Irving was traded to the Celtics in the 2017 offseason.

While Windhorst mentioned that this could be an issue if they wanted to team up, he did report that James will personally try to make a play for Irving.

“I know he’s in touch with LeBron, and LeBron’s gonna make a run to recruit him,” Windhorst said. “I don’t know if they can win that over — Kyrie and LeBron’s games are matched together beautifully. There may not be another player that LeBron’s ever played with who fits playing alongside him more than Kyrie. Unfortunately, their personalities do not, and so I don’t know if their personalities can survive it again.”

There may not be a more fun outcome this summer than Irving making his way to Los Angeles, both because of how wild everything surrounding that specific move would be and because of his fit with the Lakers. Crazier things have certainly happened, though, even if this does seem more out there than any other move a player can make this summer.