LeBron James Recruiting Steve Nash & Jamal Crawford To Heat

Like, for real bro? You trying to make 2K12 literally unplayable? You trying to embrace this villain image huh? You trying to run up into the card game and takes everybody’s money? There’s not a basketball fan in the world who hasn’t heard this at some point over the past 16 months: LeBron just took himself out of the running for best ever! I wish we could go back to when players didn’t team up, and wanted to beat each other! The Heat scored the unthinkable last summer, nabbing James and Chris Bosh while keeping Dwyane Wade to form the NBA’s hype-est trio ever. Now, the King wants Steve Nash and Jamal Crawford to come join him too.

We might still currently be in a lockout, but James is getting a head start on recruiting. Most analysts think the Heat need some more size. They have the two-through-four positions locked down. They need a bruising big man and possibly a sweet-shooting point guard. Crawford and Nash aren’t big, but both can shoot. So James called out to them on Twitter, saying:

1 hour ago: Would love to see @JCrossover in a Heat uni! What you guys say?

1 hour ago: Maybe @SteveNash in a Heat uni! So we can help each other get our 1st ring

For his part, Crawford retweeted it (take what you will from that). Nash hasn’t responded. LeBron is undoubtedly messing around to a degree. But is it possible this could happen? It’d take some serious maneuvering from Pat Riley. Crawford would probably have to agree to less money, and Nash would probably need a buy out to get out of that sinking ship in Phoenix. With a lockout clouding the future CBA, the money and technical aspect is pointless to predict right now.

But on the court? Both players would bring something to the table and take another thing off. Crawford can handle and score. But how often would he get that chance? He’d come off the bench, probably play 25-30 minutes a night and rarely get an isolation opportunity. Nash plays his best when he’s handling the rock and making decisions. Basically, that’s exactly the way James likes to play. Being one of the best shooters ever, Nash could fit in next to D-Wade and LeBron, but would the reward be worth the price? Defensively, I’m betting both would be fine in this system, or at least have their deficiencies covered up.

What would you do if one of these guys ended up on the Heat?

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