LeBron Lets Frank Vogel Know About Rodney Stuckey’s Flop In The Final Minute

LeBron James starred in the movie Trainwreck, a box office success that earned $110 million domestically. But he proved Monday that he has the ability to identify a flop when he sees one.

With the game tied in the final minute, James drove to the basket with Rodney Stuckey defending. Stuckey flopped to the floor when James got into the lane and LeBron dished to Tristan Thompson, who hit the go-ahead shot in the Cavaliers’ 100-96 win against the Pacers. Of course, if that were the end of the story, you wouldn’t be reading this.

After Thompson made the shot, Pacers coach Frank Vogel was upset a foul wasn’t called on James. He let the world know. James responded to let Vogel know that the Pacers coach was incorrect about the assertion that he committed a charging foul and that it was in fact Stuckey who was the culprit of nefarious tactics…or some words like that.

And when will we get to a place in basketball and hockey where flopping is encouraged? Flopping leads to penalties and fouls and heroes like Vlade Divac should be praised for causing a turnover or getting someone to foul out. If officials aren’t making calls, it’s necessary sometimes.

Although Stuckey really needs to pick his spots and work on his flop game if this is what he’s offering. This is the worst flop since the Point Break remake.

(NBA; H/T Ballislife)

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