LeBron James Says He’ll ‘Take This Second Place Award’ At The ESPYs

LeBron James has had a busy summer, whether doing the late night circuit to promote his new film Trainwreck, riding a banana boat with Dwyane Wade and company while vacationing in the Bahamas in what might be the greatest photograph ever taken, or waking up with cold sweats from the night terrors of unconsciously reliving the Cavs’ loss in the NBA Finals last month.

Just when he thought he was putting that last part firmly in his rear-view mirror, he was forced to attend the 2015 ESPYs Wednesday after somewhat controversially being nominated for the Best Championship Performance Award. Just a few minutes prior, ESPYs host Joel McHale was on stage joking about how LeBron might lose the award to a horse (Triple Crown Winner American Pharoah was also nominated).

It’s hard to decide which would be worse: losing to a horse or accepting a consolation prize after losing a championship series, but to his credit, LeBron certainly seemed to have a good sense of humor about it.

But of course, the internet can often be a humorless hellscape where feigned outrage is the currency of the land. Fans and sports writers alike immediately took to the Twittesphere to express their anger in no uncertain terms.

Something tells me this won’t upset LeBron too much. He’s got other things to worry about, like making sure his buddy Tristan Thompson gets signed pretty soon.

(Vine via RT Ohio)