LeBron Bought A Second Home In Los Angeles, Which Probably Doesn’t Mean Anything For Him In Free Agency

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12.07.17 3 Comments

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Today in “Things That Some People Are Taking As A Sign Of What LeBron James Is Going To Do When He’s A Free Agent,” LeBron bought himself a new house. The Los Angeles Times has photos of the new digs, and to the surprise of no one, the $23 million home with eight bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms is super nice.

As you can guess based on the newspaper that reported the sale, the home LeBron purchased is based in Los Angeles — specifically, the Brentwood neighborhood of the city, where his first home in the City of Angels was located. And invariably, there are plenty of folks who take this as a sign that LeBron is going to head out to the west coast when he becomes a free agent, which he could potentially do this offseason.

While you certainly cannot blame Clippers and Lakers fans for thinking this is a sign of LeBron’s future plans, this likely isn’t the kind of thing worth reading into too deeply. It’s something that his business manager Maverick Carter has touched on in the past. Carter appeared on The Rich Eisen Show and explained that LeBron has a home in Los Angeles for film commitments in the offseason.

I understand why people keep saying that and thinking that, but the reason it doesn’t make sense is if he plays in L.A. or if he plays on the moon, he can only shoot movies for three months. It doesn’t matter. Even if he played in L.A. and he wanted to be in a movie, he basically can’t shoot from September until June … He has a home here in the offseason and he lives here in the offseason.

So yeah, it is certainly possible that LeBron eventually decides to take his NBA career out to the west coast, which has been rumored in the past. It’s probably just a stretch to assume that his recent real estate dealings are proof that he wants to take the floor with Blake Griffin or Lonzo Ball. But hey, at least it’s a really nice house.

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