LeBron James’ Latest Sneaker Project Might Be An HBO Show

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LeBron James is no stranger to shoes. In fact, much of his wealth comes from the sale of Nikes. But his next venture might be putting the spotlight on sneakers in a more comedic light. And maybe put them up next to an episode of Game of Thrones or two.

James’ media company, Springhill Entertainment, is reportedly in the works to make an HBO show about a sneaker shop. Deadline has more about the show, untitled for now but apparently about sneakerheads and the people who sell shoes to them.

Written by Shawn Wines (High Maintenance) and Lemon Andersen (She’s Gotta Have It), the untitled Sneaker Store Project centers on two best friends and their wild employees at an up-and-coming sneaker shop outside L.A., where they take on the insane and obsessive world of sneaker culture. Wines also executive produces with James and Carter. Andersen is co-executive producer.

This isn’t Springhill Entertainment’s first premium cable venture but it might be their most interesting. James is also quietly behind one of the more ridiculous game shows on network television.

The HBO project is looking to expand SpringHill Entertainment’s series portfolio, which includes Starz’s half-hour comedy Survivor’s Remorse, which premieres its fourth season on August 20, and game show The Wall on NBC.

Springhill is the company that might could maybe make Space Jam 2, if that ever happens. And it’s not the only venture James has explored this summer. His pizza place has taken off, so while his NBA team has had its troubles this summer it’s been a great few months for LeBron’s portfolio.