Here’s LeBron’s Son Doing A Spot-On LeBron James Impression

09.23.15 3 years ago

Like father, like son. We’ve seen what LeBron James’ son, LeBron James, Jr., can do on a basketball court. To trot out the tired trope about the apple not falling far from the tree does a bit of a disservice to Bron Jr.’s tight game, but any time you see a professional athlete progeny, you’re inherently comparing and contrasting them with their parents.

In the case of LeBron’s other son, Bryce Maximus — who is two-plus years younger than LeBron, Jr., he might actually be better at pantomiming dad than LeBron, Jr.

Use LeBron’s IG upload as evidence as he perfectly captures his dad’s high-knee, slap the chest celebration.

Here’s an example from James’ Heat days* as a way to compare:

But Bryce also provides a fun LeBron-esque scream, like the one he let loose in the NBA Finals this past June.

Bryce isn’t exactly Usain Bolt, or the NBA rookies who tried to pull off the look of LeBron at this past summer’s rookie photo shoot.

But Bryce shares actual genetic material with his dad so that has to give him the edge over Bolt, Cam Newton and anyone else who’s busted out the LeBron celebration.

*For some reason, there’s almost no video of LeBron doing his high-knee routine while in Cleveland. Perhaps it’s a celebration he’d like to keep exclusively for the Miami fans, or it just makes his knees hurt.

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