LeBron James Is Told To ‘Suck it Up’ By This Fierce Old Woman Sitting Courtside

02.21.16 2 years ago

Serge Ibaka was able to finish a Russell Westbrook lob for the bucket, plus the foul on the rotating LeBron James with inside a minute remaining the first half of Sunday’s big ABC matchup between the Cavs and Thunder.

Afterwards, the Cavs star had an impromptu conversation with the officials to make a case for why it wasn’t a foul.

Welp, Marie L’Angelle the old woman sitting along the court in Oklahoma City thought James should just “suck it up,” and stop complaining. Here are a couple more vines of her hollering because it’s really fun to watch the elderly get mad at the young whippersnappers who can’t handle the rough stuff.

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