LeBron James Tries To Break Milwaukee’s Rims; We Found Blake Griffin’s Achilles’ Heel

02.14.12 6 years ago 92 Comments
LeBron James

LeBron James (photo. Jonathan Mannion)

Don’t hurt ’em LeBron. We guess all it took for James to deliver a near-perfect performance was the possibility of being swept this year by Milwaukee because he unleashed fury on the Bucks in the second half. The NBA’s MVP at this point tried to tear apart the rims three or four different times, forget if anyone was in his way. To cap the end of the third, LeBron had one dunk where he split a double-team and flushed it (he covered 30 feet with one dribble) faster than a fat man going over a waterfall. That could’ve been expected. What wasn’t was his post game, scoring every…single…time against Carlos Delfino in the post. Fadeaways in his mouth all night. It was a five-point game at the half, and then by the middle of the third it was all over. The Heat eventually went on to win 114-96 as LeBron made 16 of 21 shots for 35 points. Chris Bosh was so excited with LeBron that he decided to interrupt his postgame interview and scream “GOOD S—!” … Despite getting roasted by James, Delfino hit five triples and scored 24 points. He’s one of the league’s sneakiest good players … Chris Kaman felt good enough to put down the fishing poles, hunting rifles and camo, and come drifting out of the swamps to make a big contribution in New Orleans’ 86-80 win over Utah. Okay, it was more about New Orleans recently relenting and taking the big man off the “Can’t play until you’re traded” list (as well as Kaman getting healthy off a swollen ankle). Either way, Kaman was busting heads last night, going for 27 points and 13 rebounds against one of the better front lines in the game. That’s now his third (in three tries) really effective game since the Hornets started giving him minutes again. One more thing: New Orleans should wear their Mardi Gras uniforms permanently … The Warriors’ 102-96 win against the Suns came down to Ekpe Udoh and Jared Dudley. Seriously. Udoh made his shot – a running hook in the lane to put Golden State up five in the finals minute – while Dudley missed his: two open Js on back-to-back possessions. With David Lee also going off (28 points, 12 rebounds) it was a wrap for the Suns … … Keep reading to hear how Dallas nearly collapsed in the final seconds against the Clippers …

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