LeBron James Went On Twitter After The All-Star Draft To Say It Should’ve Been Televised

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LeBron James is in a good mood after finally cracking 30,000 career points, and he took some time out of his busy schedule to troll the good people who love the National Basketball Association and want to have fun.

James, one of two captains for the All-Star Game next month in Los Angeles, went on Twitter after he held the first-ever draft for All-Star teams. James and Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry got to do playground pick ’em with the rosters, assembling their own teams out of All-Stars on Thursday.

That afternoon, presumably once the draft was finished, James hopped on Twitter to tell everyone how much fun it was to pick teams and trolled those who were desperate to see it play out live on TV.

This tweet will only upset those who wanted to see it all go down on TV, as it would almost certainly be petty and entertaining and be filled with enormous amounts of shade. It may do nothing to actually propel the event onto TV next year, as plenty of NBA players provided reason for caution by discussing potential shade and opportunities for embarrassment, but even Steph Curry said he agreed with the King’s assessment.

James and Curry are right here. It would have been a lot of fun to watch. What we’ll get instead is a list and likely a whole bunch of leaks about the reasons behind each pick. But trolling or not, it’s a huge missed opportunity for the NBA and its fans and hopefully Curry’s “#nextyear” statement comes true as players realize it would be fun and entertaining.