LeBron James’ Undertaker Shirt Is The Best Look Of The NBA Finals

Now that Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant are out of the NBA Playoffs and Steph Curry is busy getting annihilated on social media for his hardcore dad aesthetic, we need a new baller fashionista. Someone to look up to during these final one to three games of the NBA Finals. Luckily, LeBron James has stepped up and will be that fashion icon for us. He will lead us to the promised land, pulled on a chariot made of WWE icon shirts.

James has long been a semi-covert wrestling fan. We’re not just talking about him getting simulated as destroying the Splash Brothers in Hell in a Cell, either. We’re talking about stuff like getting a birthday championship belt from The Rock and getting all of his teammates their own WWE World Heavyweight Championship back in his Heat days.

Could Bron also be suggesting that he’s setting out to bury the Warriors on their home court on Monday? That would truly be some Survivor Series 1991 style Undertaker-ing. At least he wants the Dubs to rest in peace. That’s pretty kind of him.

Here’s hoping Undertaker gets wind of LeBron being a fan and invites him out to Texas for some cake and deadlifts.

(By the way, if you want to pick up this shirt for yourself, head on over to Homage, where they have lots of swank throwback WWF and WWE shirts. Either that, or order your Curry Two Lows. Your call.)