LeBron James Sounded Just Like A Fan When Asked About The Warriors Winning 72

04.11.16 3 years ago
LeBron James, Andre Iguodala

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Over the past thirteen years, the basketball world has grown accustomed to witnessing LeBron James make history. Whether it’s making five consecutive trips to the Finals, climbing the all-time scoring ranks faster than anyone before him, or simply some of his nightly on-court exploits, the league’s fans and its players are given frequent reason to gawk by the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar.

The roles reversed on Sunday night, though, when James watched a historical achievement as opposed to creating it. Before his team’s game against the Atlanta Hawks on Monday, the four-time MVP told the Associated Press he felt fortunate for getting to see the Golden State Warriors chase 73 wins.

“I can say that I actually got to witness some history,” James said following shootaround as the Cavs prepared to play the Atlanta Hawks.


“I remember the ’95-96 team, but I wasn’t watching every game, wasn’t fortunate enough to watch every game,” said James, who lost twice to the Warriors this season. “So, I knew about it. I kind of watched the Bulls from afar but to actually be in the league now while they’re setting this record, have the opportunity to set this record, it would be something I can talk about later in life.”

Cleveland and Golden State, of course, faced off in last season’s Finals and are the prohibitive favorites to make it back to June for a second straight year. But instead of stirring the pot with his would-be rivals, James has praised the Warriors on several different occasion throughout 2015-16.

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