People Are Really Mad At LeBron James For Taking A Night Off

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11.17.16 13 Comments

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The Indiana Pacers improved to 6-6 on Wednesday night with a stunning 103-93 upset of the defending NBA champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Except, it’s not all that stunning because LeBron James was given the night off to rest, as he’s averaging 37 minutes per game this season, and that’s higher than his career average. Still, Cavs coach and Allen Iverson obstacle Tyronn Lue says the night off had nothing to do with the superstar’s workload, because he was already planning to limit James’ playing time this season for the sake of the 31-year-old’s health.

Try explaining that to NBA fans and sports columnists, though. With the former, we’ve heard this story before. Last year, Indianapolis Star columnist Gregg Doyel told the story of how he made a child cry by revealing that James was taking that game off against the Pacers. Apparently King James has a thing against Indiana, but it works in the Star’s favor, because on Wednesday night, they shared the story of how James ruined Anthony Knox’s bucket list.

“Devastating, man. Drove three hours. Came from Chicago, man. I was going to cross that off my bucket list. Get to see LeBron,” Knox said outside Bankers Life Fieldhouse as he mimed crossing off his list before pausing, then letting out a heavy sigh. “But that’s not happening tonight.”

“I’m just stunned,” Knox said. “We had that long drive, and I’ve been wanting to see LeBron play for years. I finally get the opportunity, and now I find out he’s not playing, and I’m like, ‘Dude, ‘We’re 11 games into the season, and you’re sitting out. Come on man.’ Breaks my heart.” (Via the Indy Star)

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