Li-Ning Invades The U.S.

12.03.08 9 years ago
Li-Ning's BD-PreLi-Ning’s BD-Pre

The trend of players heading overseas for more guap as spilled over into the land of sneaker endorsements. The days of athletes signing with major US sneaker corporations like Nike, adidas, and Jordan Brand are over. Recently, Jason Kidd signed with Chinese based sneaker company Peak.

Baron Davis has followed in J-Kidd’s footsteps. Davis is now reppin another Chinese based sneaker. The Li-Ning BD-Pre is Baron’s signature shoe. Only available in mainland China, The Li-Ning BD-Pre hopes to shake up the basketball performance community.

Li-Ning's BD-PreLi-Ning’s BD-Pre

This version isn’t B-Diddy’s player exclusive, but it is the same silhouette as the one Davis is rocking on court.

If you were an NBA athlete would you sign with a company like Li-Ning?

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