Limited Edition Blazers “Three Goggles” T-Shirts Are Sold Out

If you’ve watched at least one Portland Trail Blazers game in the past two years, chances are you’ve seen what has become known as “Three Goggles.” If not, you should stop what you’re doing and read this great article by Blazers broadcaster Casey Holdahl for some background on how the phenomenon took off. But how do you know when something has reached true cultural relevance? If you find it on a t-shirt.

Shortly after the craze began, Portland’s marketing and retail department printed Three Goggles t-shirts. The original shipment sold out during the first game (Dec. 17 vs. Minnesota), and the second shipment sold out during the next game they were available. In total, 1,100 t-shirts (at $15 each) were sold during both games, and the Blazers do not plan to order any more to give the shirts some exclusivity.

But the fans have found other ways to get their goggles on. During the Blazers’ current eight-game home winning steak, people have been coming to games with “3’s” cut out and taped to glasses, and an official “Three Goggle Instruction Card” (see below) has also surfaced.

So although you won’t be able to get your hands on one if you haven’t already, check out some photos of Patty Mills, Rudy Fernandez and Nicolas Batum wearing the t-shirts pre-game from the day the shirts debuted.

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