Did Former Adult Film Star Lisa Ann Actually Help Paul George Recover After His Brutal Leg Injury?

Remember when Paul George broke his leg during a Team USA scrimmage two summers ago? After working his tail off for eight months to return to the court, former adult star and current fantasy football expert Lisa Ann was at the game and posted a message of encouragement for George on her Instagram page.

What was the connection?

Based on an interview with The Guardian, it appears to be some sort of mentor/mentee relationship in which she offers guidance.

Ann also fancies herself a confidante and mentor for athletes. She has no children and has no plans to have them in the future, and see athletes as her kids – and chastises them as such. She mentions Indiana Pacers basketball player Paul George as someone she counselled after he lost most of last year to a gruesome broken leg suffered during an offseason scrimmage.

“It’s a trust thing. It’s a kinship. It’s a reminder to them: ‘I know when you’re out in New York City it’s a playground for you, but when you go out on the road, you need to catch up on sleep. You looked slackish in that game last night.’ I’ve been doing this since the early 1990s. I tell some of these athletes: I’ve been doing this since before you were born,” she says.

The specifics about how she helped Paul are unclear, but being that she’s not a doctor or physical therapist or psychologist, it’s probably nothing more than saying things like, “Stay positive!” or “Don’t party too much!” It’s probably more helpful when you yell, “Shoot it!” during a hockey game or “Wake up!” during any game you’ve attended.

(The Guardian)

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