LeBron James Offers To Suit Up For Liverpool During The Club’s West Coast Exhibition Tour

About four years ago, LeBron James bought a stake in Liverpool FC. Now, he’s offering to play for them during their summer exhibition tour. He needs something to do in the summer since he’s skipping the Rio Olympics, and he said in a Facebook post that he wants to walk on with Liverpool, who will be in the United States this summer.

This wouldn’t be the first time James has flirted with playing another sport. Back in 2009, he switched sports and played wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns in a State Farm commercial, and was predictably dominant.

LeBron is such an incredible athlete that he could find his way in pretty much any sport, but his combination of size and speed would be especially lethal in soccer. You could put him at any position, and he’d be impossible to handle. It would be pretty fun if he actually showed up for an exhibition match, but if his reasoning for pulling out of the Olympics was needing rest, he’s probably not going to risk injury during the summer by playing a different sport, especially when he hasn’t signed a contract yet.

Still, it’s fun to imagine what would happen if he actually did.