Lonzo Ball’s Ultra Confident Attitude Is Just Fine With Jay Williams

Lonzo Ball got some attention on Tuesday for saying he is better than Markelle Fultz. The two star guard prospects are going to go at the top of the 2017 NBA Draft, and while Fultz seems to be headed for the No. 1 selection, Ball is the bigger name.

This also got some attention because Fultz seems to be using this as motivation, as evidenced by the fact that he liked tweets of stories that highlights Ball’s comments. For some, Ball’s remarks may have been a problem, as they might have showed a player who was cocky despite not even being in the NBA yet.

But for ESPN’s Jay Williams, there was nothing wrong with what Ball said. During an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, Williams stood up for the now-former UCLA star.

“There’s a reason that Lonzo Ball is gonna be drafted in the top-5,” Williams remarked. “He’s competitive. He wants to be the best at what he does. And we’re so funny, because we want people to say how we truly feel, then we rip people down when they say how they truly feel.

“The kid wants to be great,” Williams continued. “Does he think he’s better than Markelle Fultz? You’re damn right.”

Williams makes a few good points, namely the bit about athletes being honest, and that Ball should think that he’s better than someone who he considers competition. It could be worse – Lonzo could have yammered on about him and his brothers signing an endorsement deal for at least $1 billion.