Lonzo Ball Had A Bizarre Cameo On ‘Fuller House,’ And Kyle Kuzma Couldn’t Believe It

Lonzo Ball‘s last year or so has been rather weird, whether it’s been because of basically anything that happens with his family, or if it’s because he’s had some growing pains during his rookie campaign. So it only makes sense that it would take one more bizarre turn before 2017 ends, thanks to the people behind Fuller House.

Ball appeared on the reboot of the classic sitcom Full House and was part of the weirdest two minutes of television you will watch this year. Among other things, he puts his bare foot on someone’s coffee table, his foot gets compared to that of D.J. Tanner-Fuller, and once that’s over, the two get in a push-up contest.

I am purposely being rather vague on the details because I implore you to watch the entire clip. It’s amazing. Also, if you are a fan of the show and do not want spoilers, you should skip watching this video.

The second half of season three of the show dropped on Friday, and this scene appears in the season finale. It is apparently part of a plot line that involves the Lakers trying to get Steve Hale to be their foot specialist.

It’s all very silly, as evidenced by the fact that Ball’s teammate, Kyle Kuzma, could not believe this happened.

At the very least, this clip will give Ball and LeBron James something to talk about the next time the Lakers and Cavaliers play. The only surprise is that LaVar Ball wasn’t in this clip. Because in 2017, everywhere you look, there’s LaVar.