Joel Embiid And Ben Simmons Got After Lonzo Ball On Twitter During NBA Draft Night

It was a good night for Joel Embiid and those process-oriented Sixers fans who trust him. Philadelphia drafted Markelle Fultz first overall, who as it turns out has Trusted The Process for a lot longer than most people realized.

Then Embiid got to team up with last year’s No. 1 pick Ben Simmons to clown on Lonzo Ball. The second overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft was very happy to land with the Los Angeles Lakers, but Simmons was quick to throw some shade his way when Ball’s name was called at Barclays Center.

The always online Embiid was quick to retweet it and add a clever note of his own.

It may feel like it happened years ago because we’re quickly accelerating toward a bleak but very meme-filled future, but Embiid’s tweet was a reference to something Simmons’ sister Olivia tweeted about Lonzo back in May. Olivia Simmons made some waves with the tweet she fired off from Australia, but Embiid’s mimicry seems to be pretty well received.

Ball was asked about the Tweet somewhere in the more than two hours of interviews he did after getting picked first overall, and he didn’t have much of a comeback but acknowledged that he got the joke.


It wasn’t the only fun Embiid had on draft night. After an enthusiastic push for his team to make the trade to acquire Fultz, he gave him a warm welcome on Twitter once the pick was made official.

Before that, he put forth a new nickname for the dynamic starting lineup The Process had yielded Philadelphia.

It’s clear Embiid is a fan of what’s going on in Philly these days, and it’s tough to argue against it. It’s summer, everyone is 0-0, and everyone in Eastern Pennsylvania can’t help but trust everything’s going to be all right.