Lonzo Ball Released A Kyle Kuzma Diss Track, With Kuzma Seeking Retribution In Person

06.11.18 12 months ago

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Lakers rookies Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma have an interesting relationship off the court, as the two — along with Josh Hart — regularly spend their time busting on each other on social media. Kuzma and Hart often make jokes about Ball’s efforts as a rapper, while Kuzma’s fashion sense is often a target for Ball.

On Monday, Ball took things to a new level by posting a new diss track about Kyle Kuzma titled “Kylie Kuzma” to iTunes, featuring an album cover with Kuzma in a cowboy hat. The song, which will cost you $1.29 to listen to, was promoted by Ball on Instagram who found the whole thing quite funny.

The two have the relationship one would associate with two brothers, constantly antagonizing one another, and Kuzma responded in kind in Ball’s Instagram comments by saying he wouldn’t be coming back with a Pusha T like response, but would instead be “whoopin yo a**” on Wednesday, presumably when the two will see each other next.

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