Lonzo Ball Is Naked In ‘NBA 2K18’ Thanks To An Extremely Weird Glitch In The Game

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It usually doesn’t take long after the release of a video game for some of its craziest glitches to hit the internet. Take, for instance, this glitch from Madden that led to one gamer dropping a whole bunch of f-bombs after his team struggled to recover a fumble and his opponent scored a touchdown.

After getting released on Friday (or Thursday, if you were lucky), we officially have our first and what is sure to be weirdest glitch in NBA 2K18. For some reason, Lonzo Ball is naked in the game. Not like his player, mind you — a naked Lonzo Ball is not handling the point for the Los Angeles Lakers — but when one gamer went to look through the Lakers’ box score and got an update on how Ball was performing in the middle of the game, he couldn’t help but notice that his clothes were missing. (Warning: The video has some NSFW language.)

For Ball, it’s a mix of his player doesn’t have any clothes on and basically everything from his chest to his thighs are just … not there. There’s no word on whether this is a common thing or whether this just happens to this person, but if it’s the former, maybe one of the various versions of LaVar Ball that appear in the game can get Lonzo some Big Baller Brand merch.

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