Lonzo Ball’s Big Baller Brand ZO2 Prime Shoes Finally Made Their Public Debut

By now the entire basketball world knows about Lonzo Ball‘s very expensive signature shoe. But now people have finally seen a few pairs in the wild until Wednesday night..

As the deadline to order the $495 shoes approaches, we’ve seen more and more of the black and gold shoes. The Balls brought them on Jimmy Kimmel Live. They’ve been on ESPN and FS1 shows. But they’ve always been under glass, or on Lonzo’s feet in a television studio. He didn’t wear them to work out for the Lakers, either.

On Wednesday, the Balls finally showed their Big Baller Brand shoes off on the court. Lonzo, Liangelo and LaMelo appeared at a Big Ballers AAU game, with two of the brothers sporting ZO2s.

Though it may feel like these shoes have been everywhere for months, don’t expect to see them in every gym in America once they drop this fall. LaVar Ball himself noted earlier this week that just over 500 pairs have been sold, though he expects that number to pick up at the preorder deadline.

It’s clear the shoes do, in fact, exist.

What isn’t clear is whether sneakerheads will buy them, or if they’ll be worth the high price tag. We still haven’t seen how they perform on the court, and though LaVar says otherwise, making a good shoe is about a lot more than just some pieces of cloth and rubber.