Watch Lonzo And LaVar Ball’s Reaction When The Lakers Got The No. 2 Pick

The Los Angeles Lakers had a great night at Tuesday’s NBA Draft Lottery as they not only retained their pick by staying in the top 3, but moved up to No. 2 overall. By moving to the second pick, the Lakers are all but guaranteed to be able to select former UCLA star and local product Lonzo Ball, which makes Ball and his father LaVar extremely happy.

The two have noted their desires for Lonzo to end up with the Lakers for months, with LaVar going as far as to say it’s the only team his son would play for — he later clarified that he just wants Lonzo in L.A. The Ball family didn’t go to New York for the Draft Lottery as some other top prospects like Markelle Fultz — the projected No. 1 pick — but you better believe the cameras were still rolling in the Ball house to record their reaction to the lottery.

When the Lakers came up as the No. 2 pick, the Ball’s living room lit up and Lonzo started dancing around and, of course, LaVar had something to say.

“I told him he was going to go to the Lakers!” said Ball. “I’m going to speak it into existence. Boston’s gonna take their Markelle Fultz, he’s a good player. I think he fits best with Boston. You can’t bring him to L.A. He ain’t ready for this. Only one person is ready for this: that Ball boy. I know I must be a genius to plan it this well. His number’s always been number two and guess what, he’s going number two. To the Lakers, baby! Here we come!”

It’s a bit strange to see a player and his family actively campaigning for someone else to go ahead of them in the draft, but in Ball’s case, remaining close to home in Chino Hills is the most important thing to him. He will likely get his wish on June 22, and the LaVar show will only get bigger as he gets to sound off to the media that follows the Lakers.