LaVar Ball Thinks The Lakers Need Lonzo Because They Lack Leadership

06.12.17 9 months ago 4 Comments

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The outspoken LaVar Ball has made it crystal clear that he believes the only team that is tailor made for his son Lonzo, a potential top-two NBA lottery pick, is the Los Angeles Lakers. Ball has basically said this the minute his son declared for the NBA and the family is doing everything in their power to ensure that Lonzo ends up donning a purple and gold hat on draft night. So much so that the only team Lonzo has worked out for is the Lakers.

One reason the Ball family wants Lonzo to end up with the Lakers is so he stays locally in Los Angeles. But also because LaVar believes the Lakers don’t have a true leader on the court, a role that Lonzo he believes can immediately assume as a a rookie.

“Team-wise, I think that the Lakers are a better fit,” LaVar said on CSN’s Celtics Talk podcast. “They really don’t have a leader. Boston already went to the playoffs. They pretty much already have a leader. It’s just being realistic.”

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