Blake Griffin Went Full-Frontal During His Guest Appearance On ‘Broad City’

Blake Griffin has already put Testi in the news this season. Now, he’s going full-frontal.

Griffin stripped nude during his Wednesday evening guest appearance on Comedy Central’s Broad City. Things get sensual after Griffin, who plays himself, meets one of the main characters, Ilana, at a club.

You can view the risque clip of Griffin’s guest appearance above or watch the full episode here.

Griffin has always been well-known for his acting chops, and that goes beyond his mostly deadpan work in some superb commercial campaigns. For instance, he’s participated in open-mic night at the Laugh Factory that wasn’t as bad as it might sound.

He’s also done countless videos for Funny or Die, including a live read of Space Jam.

It hasn’t been all laughs for Griffin of late, though.

The star power forward broke his hand while getting into a physical altercation with Clippers equipment staffer Matias Testi back in January. At the time, he was already missing games with a quad injury. He was assessed a five-game suspension for the altercation, so now — after he was medically cleared to play — he still had to miss five games before his return.

He is scheduled to be back on the hardwood for the first time since Christmas this upcoming Sunday for the Clippers’ game against the Wizards.

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