The Clippers Are Calling Bumble Ads On Their Jerseys An ‘Empowerment Badge’

03.06.18 1 year ago

Los Angeles Clippers on Twitter

The Los Angeles Clippers became the 20th NBA team to sign a jersey sponsorship deal on Tuesday when they announced a partnership with the dating app Bumble.

Manchester United flirted with the idea of putting Tinder on its kits, but the Bumble deal is real and effective immediately. While the hubbub over putting ads on sports jerseys seems to have largely faded now that the proverbial seal has been broken, it’s still something we’re not used to in American sports.

The Clippers are attempting to spin this as something more than just a sponsorship deal, too. On Tuesday they unveiled a new portion of the team’s website dedicated to describing the Bumble ad as an “empowerment badge” and explaining how the partnership will help promote gender equality.

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