The Clippers Debuted A Much Cleaner Look For The New Nike Uniforms They’ll Wear This Fall

The Los Angeles Clippers are taking Nike’s NBA jersey redesign as an opportunity to clean up their look. Gone are the lines on the front of their home and away jerseys, and the franchise appears to be minimizing the use of some wordmarks the team brought in after it was bought by owner Steve Ballmer.

The Clippers showed off their Association and Icon edition jerseys on Twitter Friday morning, even getting Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan to model the uniforms for them.


The biggest change is that it’s just a much cleaner look. Both uniforms say “Clippers” on the front, and the weird LA inside a C wordmark has been relegated to the belt on the shorts. The horizontal lines on the uniform shorts are inspired by clipper ships cutting through the water, with the team highlighting the hull of the ship and the sky’s horizon.

There are even a few other nautical details, which is a fun lean into the team name they brought with them to LA from San Diego. Here’s a closer look at the Icon jersey, complete with a nice, crisp blue.

And here’s the Association jersey in classic white.

It’s pretty safe to call this an upgrade for the Clips, unlike some other jerseys we’ve seen like the new Timberwolves unis. Those are a like ’em or leave them kind of deal, while anything that gets away from the weird wordmark crest in a basketball thing is an improvement in my book.