Lakers Coach Byron Scott, Known 3-Point Hater, Now Wants A 4-Point Line

Byron Scott
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In the sports world – or, maybe any world in general – it’s believed this is what the kids call doing a “180.”

Lakers coach Byron Scott has a history of distaste for the 3-point line. More broadly, he’s been less-than-keen on advanced stats, something those whippersnapper geeks use to measure success in place of heart, grit and Kobe Bryant. Jokes aside, it’s an ironic take from the man who played shooting guard for the Lakers in the 1980s.

However, it appears Scott has reversed course on shots beyond the arc. Now, he’s calling the 3-point shot “exciting” and even advocating a 4-point line, as noted in an interview with The Orange County Register:

“I think the 3-point line is exciting,” he said. “I would add another line and make a 4-point line as well. I’d say let’s go another three or four feet back and that’s a 4-pointer.”

Who are you and what have you done with Byron Scott?

In fairness, the concept of the 4-point shot – which Stephen Curry would own, by the way – has been a league talking point for more than a year. Bringing it up now, while surprising, is not unheard of. Then again, the most Scott thing ever would be to lead the league in 4-point shots, should a new line ever come to fruition, while continuing to be one of the worst teams in the NBA in 3-point attempts.

Of course, it’s also fair to ask whether Scott will even be the coach of the Lakers by the time a 4-point line gets implemented (if it does at all). Lakers brass gave Scott a vote of confidence in March, but that only goes so far.

(Via The Orange County Register)