The Lakers Hired A Strength Coach Famous For Training Kim Kardashian

05.24.17 11 months ago

Getty Image

The Los Angeles Lakers have hired a new strength coach, and he’s got a lot of big Hollywood fans. Gunnar Peterson was named the team’s new strength coach on Wednesday.

Peterson has trained many athletes for years, but perhaps he’s most famous for making Hollywood celebrities look their best. Kim Kardashian, for example, is his most famous client.

Peterson has been training with Kardashian since she was 19 years old. In a blog post on his personal website, Peterson notes that he has a motivational and naked photo of Kardashian in his gym. She reportedly trained with him about five times a week in the past.

“Oiled and toned, the framed snap shows Kim at her pneumatic best and is accompanied by a handwritten note of thanks to Gunnar for her ‘best body yet’,” the post reads.

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