Basketball Fans Get Another Summer Option With The Champions League And The Los Angeles Superstars

07.05.17 10 months ago

Champions League

This summer is all about seeing new basketball.

With Ice Cube’s BIG3 league, NBA Summer League, and the NBA offseason in full-swing, we’ve finally got some entertainment to look forward to. The latest addition to that list is the Champions League and their new team, the Los Angeles Superstars. With President Byron Scott, General Manager Gary Payton, and coach Mitch Richmond, along with players like Corey Maggette, Mike Bibby, Carlos Boozer, Josh Childress, Al Thorton, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, and others, they’ve assembled what looks to be a Superstar caliber basketball organization.

The Champions League is aimed at giving every fan an inside-look at competitive basketball that virtually everyone can see. Tickets start at $25 and allow for meet-and-greets with players and staff members before and after games. It’s all about building an experience where kids and adults can see great basketball and meet players, and players can give back to the community. The league also announced that you can actually own a portion of the team with a small investment creating an increased nostalgia and excitement for the product.

“We thought of the idea to run a summer league where players who still wanted to play and had NBA experience could play,” Mark Scoggins, CEO of the Superstars told us. “We had an idea of them playing back home. Home meaning where they grew up, played high school, college, and in the pros. That was the essence of why I got involved with Champions League.”

Scoggins, a former Chief Revenue Officer of NBA retired player’s association, was brought on after hearing of the idea and his connection to Los Angeles. Scoggins used to work for the Lakers in corporate partnerships as well as with Magic Johnson on his business endeavors. Here, he’s just trying to emulate what Dr. Buss did.

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