Watch Luis Scola Pick Kelly Olynyk’s Pocket But Blow The Breakaway Dunk


The Argentinians disposed of Canada by 10 points — 94-87 — in Mexico City during their second game of the the 2015 FIBA Americas on Tuesday. After dispensing of Puerto Rico, 96-91 on Monday, they faced a far tougher challenge against a Canadian team that was supposed to win Group B. Except, that’s not really what happened, and Luis Scola was the biggest reason why.

The journeyman NBA forward, who signed a one-year deal with the Raptors in free agency this summer for $2.9 million, showed #WeTheNorth the cagey, yet effective, skills they might except next season in Toronto by scoring a game-high 35 points (13/26) while pulling down a game-high 13 rebounds in the big win.

Despite how efficient Scola was on the day, he did get ruffled on a play that should have been a highlight to his performance.

After picking Kelly Olynyk’s pocket early in the win, he had nothing but court in front of him as he headed for the breakaway flush. Except the ball ricocheted off the back of the iron and a trailing teammate was left to finish the play he started.

And it’s not like Scola can’t dunk, either, despite his advanced age — 35 years old this past April. Watch him flush the ball with two hands after a steal against Puerto Rico in Argentina’s opening day win:

We doubt Scola cares at all about his very public doink off the back of the iron. He and his countrymen got the win over a favored Canada team, and that’s all he’ll care about when looking back on today’s action.

(FIBA; H/T reddit)