Magic Johnson Is Making Almost Everyone On The Lakers Available For Trade

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Magic Johnson wants to rebuild the Los Angeles Lakers, and he isn’t playing favorites with anyone currently on the roster to make it happen. Johnson gave an interview on ESPN Los Angeles radio on Thursday where he said nearly everyone on the roster is available for a trade this upcoming offseason.

Johnson joined Jorge Sedano and Keyshawn Johnson on air and said he’s OK moving everyone but Brandon Ingram.

Magic is determined to bring a superstar to the Lakers, though there are some that believe that superstar is Lonzo Ball. The Lakers could take him second overall if they feel he’s worthy of the pick, and Lonzo has already said he won’t work out for the Boston Celtics, who have the top pick. But that doesn’t mean trades are not part of finding their true superstar.

Claiming only Ingram is safe on the roster means there’s no telling who will be playing at Staples Center this fall. Except, you know, Lonzo. It’s hard to think that it won’t happen at this point. And considering D’Angelo Russell isn’t exactly excited about Ball as a potential teammate, you can draw your own conclusions about his willingness to leave Los Angeles.

Johnson also addressed the team’s hiring of a new strength coach, saying it was something he wanted to address after speaking with Pat Riley.

It’s clear Johnson is fully in charge of the Lakers these days, though no one really knows if that’s a good thing or not. His first impressions will come from the Draft, of course, and whoever Magic can help bring in to play with that second overall pick.