Mallory Edens Accosts The NBA Writer Who Called Her A ‘Trophy Girlfriend’

Yesterday, Chris Sheridan, the founder of (and former ESPN NBA scribe), wrote a column on the Draft lottery positively laced with misogyny. Sheridan referred to the spouse of Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor as a “trophy wife.”

The way Sheridan talked about Taylor’s spouse sounded like a middle school kid obsessing about a girl in his diary.

“One year after Mallory Edens captivated us all at the NBA draft lottery, a new NBA rule deprived us of a close-up look at the trophy wife of Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor.

Her name is Becky, she is fantastic looking, and she was supposed to have been onstage instead of the 74-year-old.”

The contempt for women continued when Sheridan went on to refer to Mallory Edens – the daughter of Milwaukee Bucks owner, Wesley Edens — as a “trophy girlfriend.”

“Taylor has his trophy wife. Edens will one day be somebody’s trophy GF.”

Edens took to Twitter in an attempt to shame Sheridan for his blatant objectification of women. Sheridan, ever the atavistic man, issued a clumsy, non-apology apology on Twitter.

Chris Sheridan is a writer, so he plays with words as a profession and must know irreverence is defined as “showing a lack of respect for people or things that are generally taken seriously.”

Chris Sheridan doesn’t take women seriously and doesn’t have any respect for them except as objects to slobber over like a horny teenager. Sheridan’s not the first, and he’s certainly not the last man to let slip this sort of sexist attitude about the opposite sex. We’re just glad Mallory held him accountable on Twitter, and we hope you do the same.

UPDATE: Several hours later, Sheridan made a more sincere apology and removed the article from his site.

(Sports Illustrated)