Manute Bol’s 7-Foot Tall, 16-Year-Old Son Is Still Dominating, But Not How You Might Think

[protected-iframe id=”1a0e4a9b5480ee564bc0058710d1fa1e-60970621-11449981″ info=”Manute Bol’s son 7-feet” width=”650″ height=”366″ ]

You probably read the headline and thought, “Who cares? If you stick a 7-foot kid on any high school team, no matter his lineage, he’s going to dominate. I bet this is all just him scoring a bunch of points because he’s a foot taller than everyone else on the court.”

First of all, nice use of the word lineage in your internal monologue. Second of all, wrong! The late Manute Bol’s son — Bol Bol — hits a step-back 3-pointer and a runner in the lane in this video. You might have expected some awkwardness from someone so tall and so young, but Bol looks very fluid.

The TMZ story that contains the video of Bol dominating says he’s a lock to be an NBA lottery pick and understandably so. Bol’s ESPN recruiting profile says he has already received offers from St. John’s, New Mexico State, Creighton and Kansas even though he doesn’t graduate until 2018. Bol plays for Bishop Miege High School in Kansas, which helps explain why the Jayhawks are already all over him.

You have to feel for kids in Kansas who have to defend Bol, though, especially in the state tournament. It’s probably not unlike playing a video game for a long time and losing to someone with an invincibility cheat code — the old guy typed into the end of a story about high school kids so he would seem young and hip.