Here Is Memphis Grizzlies All-Star Marc Gasol As A Crop Sculpture Maze

Being a fan can lead to you doing some really weird things. This isn’t to say that the things you’ll do aren’t cool or interesting, but for the most part, doing the things that devout fans will sometimes do is usually strange.

Take for instance what this Memphis Grizzlies fan decided to do with a gigantic field. This person decided that it would be cool to mow the field in such a way that, when you look at it from above, it looks just like Memphis’ All-NBA center Marc Gasol. This Gasol field also doubles as a maze, which is an awesome way to pay homage to one of the best players in the league, but it’s also an interesting use of space to say the least.

Surprisingly enough, this isn’t the only NBA crop maze plowed into a field that you’ll see today. A pumpkin patch in Portland decided that it wanted to honor the life of former Blazers forward Jerome Kersey, who passed away back in February.

It may take your eyes a second to see this one, but it features the Blazers’ logo, the phrase Rip City, a stylized way of writing out Portland, and the hashtag #JK25. This is a really nice tribute to the former Portland star.

(Via Friendly Bounce)