Marc Gasol Is Reportedly ‘Expected’ To Re-Sign With Memphis

marc gasol
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In a story primarily about Jeff Green picking up his $9 million player option for next season, Adrian Wojnarowski dropped a precious sliver of rumor about the Grizzlies’ far-more-urgent free agency concern: Marc Gasol.

Crediting his trusty sources, Woj reported that Gasol is “expected to stay with the Grizzlies, but no final decision has been made,” which is not that much different from what most already assumed. Still, Woj-bombs carry a little extra weight in the rumor mill, and hopefully this means that Phil Jackson will just stop calling Marc already.

Any perceived uncertainty about where Gasol will play next season has been generated largely by either wishful thinking or negotiating tactics, and amplified to fill void left in the offseason, which started quite a while ago for Memphis. Gasol himself, in an interview with Gigantes (as translated by HoopsHype) three weeks ago, said he doubted he’d be leaving Memphis:

“I have not thought about changing teams. Everybody knows about the relationship between Memphis and all my family. It’s special and it has left a mark on us. You have to put everything in the balance. The decision will be good because I will make it good.”

Of course, there have been instances when a player says things like this and turns tail as soon as the bell rings in free agency, but the younger Gasol seems true to his word. We’ll see next month when the moratorium starts July 1.

(Via Yahoo)