The World’s Worst March Madness Bracket Is A One In 17.3 Million Anomaly

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Being the best is incredibly difficult, but being the best of the worst is equally astonishing, especially when it comes to March Madness bracketology. The bracket doesn’t lie, and even if you pick your matchups based entirely on your love (or hate) of a particular school mascot, you’re bound to get at least one pick correct. But not in the impressive case of a single ESPN bracket that went 0-20, which gave them the dubious distinction of being the only bracket in 17.3 million that went a “perfect” 0-20.

As some of the staff at Uproxx Sports has pointed out while huddled around this incredible stat, this means the bracket would have both 16-seeds winning, although not every underdog was picked. And if you really want to sit down and think about it, the only explanation for such newsworthy terribleness is pure unluckiness, a cruel, random outcome.

Diving deeper into this mind-bender of a bracket, a Twitter user unearthed this little factual nugget: had the Bad Bracketoligist created a doppelganger bracket, they would be a perfect 20-0. Did they do this? If so, is there anything more difficult than being the best and the worst simultaneously?

The only other question: what is their lifetime bracket record? Are they traditionally terrible? Is this just a down year? Who is this history-making person?

(Via ESPN)