Marcus Morris Thinks Being Traded Was A ‘Slap In The Face’ By The Phoenix Suns

07.10.15 4 years ago

The Phoenix Suns thought they had a legitimate shot of landing LaMarcus Aldridge. They believed so heavily in their chances that they made a cap-space-clearing trade with the Detroit Pistons, sending Danny Granger, Reggie Bullock and Marcus Morris to Detroit in exchange for a second round pick. Just like that, the NBA’s Wonder Twins – Marcus and Markieff – were separated yet again. According to Perry Farrell of the Detroit Free Press, Morris was not happy about the trade at all.

“This gives me a chance to branch out. In my opinion, God works in mysterious ways, and He has plans for certain people. Everybody knew how bad I wanted to play with my brother. Phoenix knew. For them to trade me without consent or telling me was like a slap in the face, because of the contract I took from those guys and the money I took from them.”

Unfortunately for Morris, the Suns were under no obligation to get his consent for the trade. It would have been nice, obviously, but that’s just not how the NBA works. The league is a business, first and foremost, and sudden trades happen all of the time without the consultation of any of the parties concerned. Morris was understandably hurt by the trade, both because he had played well in Jeff Hornacek’s system and because he was playing alongside his brother again.

But family is of little consideration in the NBA, especially when a team has a bonafide chance of signing an elite free agent. Even though the Suns missed out on Aldridge, the trade was still worth the risk and, hurt feelings or no, is probably one they would do again.

(via Detroit Free Press)

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