Marcus Smart Apologized After A Huge On-Court Fight With Celtics Coaches

The Boston Celtics got routed by the resurgent Washington Wizards on Tuesday night, and what might have had the makings of an odd rivalry out of nowhere turned into a fairly routine blowout of one good team on the rise against another good team just treading water. But what transpired in the fourth quarter, with the game out of hand, could be more concerning than just one loss — Marcus Smart attempting to mutiny against his coaches and put himself back in the game.

Smart went to the scorer’s table just after being removed in the fourth, and as Brad Stevens went after him to tell him to sit down, a TV timeout was called. During that timeout, Smart had a heated exchange with multiple assistant coaches before storming back to the locker room with time still remaining in the game. It was a strange moment, although one befitting Smart’s unrelenting, bullheaded personality that often suits him well as a defensive pest. Still, it’s never good to openly defy your coaches, and Smart apologized profusely on Twitter afterwards.

The Celtics play the Wizards one more time, on March 20 in Boston, and all eyes will be on Smart to see if he can control his emotions.