Marcus Smart Will Now Apparently Consider Offers For Less Than $15 Million Per Year

07.10.18 8 months ago

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NBA free agency has slowed significantly after a very active first two days, with the last remaining free agents being role players and a few restricted free agents still seeking deals.

Clint Capela and Marcus Smart are the headliners remaining now that Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon have each inked massive four-year deals. The question is whether Smart or Capela will be able to get similar major deals with fewer and fewer teams out there with significant cap space. Capela seems to be in limbo until the Rockets decide to make a move or until a team like the Hawks gets to a point this summer where they haven’t used their cap space yet to absorb a salary dump and finally make an offer.

Smart, however, has gotten some real chatter of late, although the initial reported level of interest from the Kings seems to be a bit overstated. In any case, Smart is taking meetings while out in Las Vegas at NBA Summer League and hoping to find a deal, but how much he’s seeking per year has apparently changed a bit. There was an assumption early on that Smart would be looking to find something in the $15 million-plus range on an annual basis, but with a market that’s not been paying significant money his camp has possibly gotten a bit more realistic.

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