Mark Cuban Explained How He Learned ‘Meddling’ As An Owner From Jerry Jones

10.06.17 1 year ago

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Mark Cuban has never been shy as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks since he bought the team in 2000. No owner has produced more soundbites (or has been fined more) than Cuban since he came into the league.

Cuban’s brashness is something that concerned owners when he was coming into the league, and as he remembers it, they voiced those concerns to him. Specifically, there were some that saw him as similar to Dallas’ other owner Jerry Jones, another brash owner that has a tendency to speak out and make headlines, which isn’t something that has been traditionally what sports owners do.

In an upcoming episode of Open Court on NBA TV that premieres at 9:30 p.m. ET on Friday night featuring a roundtable of owners with Cuban, Joe Lacob, Dan Gilbert, Jeannie Buss, Tony Ressler, and Steve Ballmer, Cuban and Buss reflected on when he was first coming into the NBA and how Jim Buss helped back him among other skeptical owners.

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