Was Mark Cuban Actually OK With The Clippers’ Pursuit Of DeAndre Jordan?

Steve Ballmer, Mark Cuban
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Mark Cuban may not have accepted DeAndre Jordan’s apology, but he apparently has no issue with how the Los Angeles Clippers pursued their star big man during the free agent moratorium, despite his verbal agreement with Dallas. By way of Ben Bolch of the Los Angeles Times, here’s what Cuban texted his followers on his CybderDust app following his meeting with Clippers owner Steve Ballmer:

“I told him exactly what I told other owners, I didn’t have a problem with his hail Mary approach to keeping a player,” Cuban wrote. “I understood why they did it. And even how they did it. They got their player back. End of story.”

Cuban might not have a problem with the Clippers, but it’s safe to say he’s not pleased with how everything turned out. Instead of vying for a playoff spot, the Mavericks are now facing the very real possibility of missing the playoffs entirely – all because of Jordan’s backpedaling following a verbal agreement.

It’s shrewd, however, Cuban can understand and accept the Clippers’ methods in re-acquiring their defensive presence in the post. As passionate — even fiery — of an owner and person as Cuban is, he’s also extremely business savvy. What the Clippers did may have broken an unspoken rule, but it was a clever business move, as Cuban undoubtedly sees.

Does this mean all is forgiven between the two teams? Absolutely not. The bad blood will boil, and don’t be surprised, as Cuban says, if the NBA capitalizes on this newborn rivalry by opening the season with a Mavs-Clippers showdown. If it’s in Dallas, you can be sure DJ will not be comfortable. As we know, the Mavs faithful is still getting over his seeming deceit.

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