Markelle Fultz’s Jumper Looks Better, But The Sixers Don’t Plan On Having Him Return Any Time Soon

Getty Image

Markelle Fultz is getting better. Slowly. Both physically and mentally, it seems.

The top pick in the 2017 NBA Draft has had a tough rookie season, with shoulder pain throwing off his shooting motion and causing him to miss most of the season.

That pain is now gone, but getting his jumper back has been a long process that’s certainly frustrated Sixers fans who have had to watch him awkwardly take shots in practice for much of the year. It’s been bizarre, and you could certainly argue that the Sixers have mishandled the situation quite a bit. But thought Fultz is getting better, the team has no plans to get him back in the lineup any time soon.

The good news is that it looks like Fultz is starting to shoot from range and look a bit more like the standout he was in Washignton last season. Here’s Fultz shooting a three from practice on Tuesday.

That looks… better! A lot better than where he was a few months ago when he was, you know, playing in games and making the entire NBA world worry about him.

But now it seems the Sixers are still intent on being patient with him and not trying to get him back on the court too soon. After the handling of the first few months of his pro career this is an entirely fair stance to have as an organization, but at least the visuals of his recovery are looking better as of late.