Markieff Morris Dresses With A “Hundred-Thousand Trillion” Swag

In the long, recent line of “other brothers” Phoenix has spent roster spots on with Taylor Griffin, Robin Lopez and Luke Zeller, Markieff Morris has stood out as a rare success. Considered not quite as good an NBA prospect as his brother, Marcus, and described as the less gregarious of the two, Markieff has seemingly changed both perceptions: He has career averages of 13.8 points, 8.0 rebounds, 2.0 assists and 41 percent shooting per 36 minutes, and seems like an outgoing guy, per this conversation with Suns beat writer Paul Coro. More importantly, he wants everyone to know he’s serious about his thread game.

In today’s Arizona Republic, Coro didn’t have to try very hard to get Markieff to open up about the NBA lifestyle. And, specifically, the ultimate goal of Morris: Be the NBA’s best dresser. He thinks he has a secret weapon to do it, too: His “hundred million,” “hundred-thousand trillion” swag.

Q: How many pairs of sneakers do you have now?

A: I’ve got about 50 or 60, maybe 100. I have a lot of shoes I don’t wear but I keep them close just in case I might pull off something that goes with them. I’m a casual guy. You’ve seen me dress before. I’m the best dressed guy on this team by far.

Q: Can you outdress Marcin Gortat? He says he wants to be the best-dressed European in the league.

A: He wears suits and stuff. He can only get away with suits. I’m not wearing any suits. I’m a casual guy. Long sleeves. Rolex. Louis Vuittons. Guccis in there. Jeans. Casual but look nice.

Q: You’re just shooting for best-dressed on the team?

A: I’m going to be best-dressed in the league by next year, for sure. It’s just that my style doesn’t come with a lot of different styles. I have my own swag. My swag is hundred million. A hundred-thousand trillion.

Is best-dressed casual an oxymoron, or is it a new definition like the point-forward once was for basketball? I’ll leave that up to the true fashion experts. Unfortunately for Morris, he isn’t a good enough player yet to warrant the pre-game coverage of his walking to the locker room in street clothes that stars get. It’s the way we know Kobe Bryant may have killed a small animal to look like this on Christmas Day (do click that link), and was our chance to see Nick Young‘s sunshine shirt last season, among other fashion tips. Until then his swag will stay under the radar, maybe with the exception of being featured on teammate Jared Dudley‘s JMZ network.

[Arizona Republic]

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