The Sacramento Kings Have Signed Marshall Henderson For Some Reason

08.28.15 3 years ago
Marshall Henderson


You may remember Marshall Henderson, former Ole Miss shooting guard, for that time he mocked Florida fans, or maybe the time he hit on a cheerleader, or it could be from the hundreds other times he became the center of attention while he was on a basketball court.

Well now, after playing last year in Iraq, Henderson is finally getting a chance to prove he can play in the NBA.  According to Yahoo’s Marc J. Spears, he has been signed by the Sacramento Kings.

Henderson is well publicized for being a complete wildcard on and off the court, but one thing was always for sure: He definitely has some scoring talent. During his junior year in 2013, he helped lead Ole Miss win the SEC and upset Wisconsin in the NCAA Tournament en route to his second consecutive All-SEC Second Team campaign.

Despite that, absolutely no one believed he was going to make it in the NBA. Between his off the court issues (including forgery and drug charges), obvious attitude problems, and overall lack of athleticism when compared to NBA talent, it seemed like a long-shot Henderson would even get a camp invite.

Nevertheless, the Kings are giving him a shot and bringing him to training camp. Let’s all hope that somehow he makes the team, too, because that would be hilarious given the current construct of their roster.

The Kings made some pretty decent additions this offseason, but they’re still a mess overall.  Their head coach George Karl reportedly wanted to drive their star player, DeMarcus Cousins out of town (although they did allegedly make peace). Their prized acquisition in the offseason was a player that literally was so bad for his last team that they didn’t want him even suiting up for multiple playoff games. Oh, and their VP of basketball operations thinks a good way to stack his front office is just loading it up with ex-teammates.

Add Marshall Henderson, who could blow up at any moment, to the mix? If nothing else, the Kings will be entertaining this season.

(Via Marc Spears)

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