Marshall Plumlee Raced Through New York City Traffic To Make His NBA Debut

11.20.16 2 years ago

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It’s always an unforgettable moment when a player makes his NBA debut, but for some people, the circumstances render it all the more exhilarating. That’s what happened to Marshall Plumlee on Sunday afternoon when he got a last-minute call from the Knicks to suit up for their game against the Hawks at Madison Square Garden.

Plumlee, who’d been sent down to the Knicks’ D-League affiliate in Westchester, had to take a train to Grand Central, then cab it from there to the arena. But the traffic was apparently so bad he had to bribe the driver with a $60 tip to speed through the streets and run a red light so he would make it on time. Here are more details of Plumee’s frenzied odyssey through Manhattan, via Marc Berman of the New York Post:

“I was asleep,’’ Plumlee said. “I was going to sleep in a little bit. Imagine being woken up and saying, ‘Hey, we need you to guard Dwight Howard.’’’

“I sprinted over as fast as I could,’’ Plumlee said. “… My phone was blowing up: ‘Are you almost here? Are you almost here?’ I don’t think they realize those texts just slow you down so I put the phone away.

“But I got here. They said, ‘Do you need a warm-up?’

“I’m already warm. I ran here.’’

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